Glossary Of Moving Terms – A

Moving day is an exciting time but is not something most people do every day, so the terminologies used by your moving company may sound confusing and overwhelming. It is important to understand all of your moving options when it comes time to relocate and to be able to discuss these options with your professional mover.

Following is a glossary of terms used in the moving industry:




An abbreviation which stands for “Actual Charges on Transport” or weight on shipment transport which is the total charge of a move.

Accessorial Services

Additional services, like stair carry moves, packing, unpacking, servicing appliances, any requests made by you that is not included on original list of services.

Advanced Charges

Any services that require a third party requested by you. Your moving company will cover the cost of the third party and then add the charges to your Bill of Lading.


The authorized local moving company acting on behalf of a national company.

Appliance Service

The cost the moving company charges to disconnect and/or reconnect appliances such as washers, dryers, dishwashers or refrigerators. Some moving companies charge by the hour for the actual time it takes to service the appliance. Other moving companies charge a surcharge, and some moving companies either do not offer this service or will use a third party service to do the job.

Appliance Dolly

A flat surface, wheeled item used to assist in the moving of heavy appliances or oversized furniture items.

Assessed Value Coverage

The amount of money required by you to cover your household items against loss or damage up to their fully assessed value. This is usually based on a per $1,000 value with two basic forms of either using a deductible or a sliding scale valuation. When a deductible is applied, it is listed on the bill next to the $1,000 cost, such as $8.00/100. This simply means that you will be required to pay $8.00 per every $1,000 of assessed value for coverage on your household items with the first 4100 of damage or loss not covered. When a sliding scale valuation is used, the cost to you will depend upon the total coverage amount based on $25,000 of coverage and usually requires that the entire load is covered instead of individual items.

Auto Movers

A moving company that ships automobiles will provide a list of services provided such as: Auto shipping which means the moving company primarily transports automobiles, Motorcycle Shipping which means the moving company primarily transports motorcycles or similarly sized vehicles, International Auto Shipping which means the moving company offers overseas auto shipping services, or International Motorcycle Shipping which means the moving company offers overseas motorcycle shipping services.

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