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Moving Tips

Moving requires a lot of planning and preparation before the actual moving process. It may take up to 100 days to 4 months for a move. As you may know moving is not an easy task and requires the right quotes and the right company to get the perfect moving experience.

Below we mention some really useful tips for moving long distances, check them out to get a smarter approach for moving:

  1. Plan and organize everything beforehand this will help the moving process to go smoothly.
  2. Make sure that you take the empty weight (without goods) of the truck before the move.
  3. Purchase moving supplies (list of moving supplies) from sites like ULine and U-HAUL their prices are very cheap and affordable ranging from $1-$10. Don’t buy your supplies from the movers their prices are very high.
  4. Buy used moving supplies from craigslist they are very cheap and in that way you could save up a lot of money while moving.
  5. Ask beforehand if your destination area allows large trucks (18 wheelers) if not order a smaller truck.
  6. Ask your new areas building restrictions before the move; ask them if they will allow the truck to unload when it arrives, because if the movers are asked to wait they will charge extra cash for waiting.
  7. Do not pack the following things as they are banned by moving companies:
    • corrosives
    • gaseous materials
    • poison
    • paint
    • flammable substances
    • radioactive materials
  8. If you have a personal computer then backup your harddrive, pack all the cords separately and remove the ink cartridges from the printer before packing it.
  9. Get all your medical, dental, legal and financial records from the respective people before moving.
  10. Remember to fill out a Change of Address Form and inform your friends and family about your new address.
  11. Discontinue all your main supplies like electricity, oil, gas etc.
  12. Throw away all the junk and unnecessary items that you may never need. If you have useful stuff that you don’t need give it away in a garage sale or to a charity.
  13. Don’t forget to transfer the contents of your safety deposit box to a bank in your new destination also get a list of all the contents of your safety deposit box. Transfer all your funds to a new branch in your new city and also open a new account before your move.
  14. Do not pack your jewellery, money and personal documents, always take them with you.
  15. Drive your car to your destination or ship it.
  16. Defrost and dry your refrigerator the night before you are going to move.
  17. If you want to carry your plants to your new home then you can ask a florist to get them shipped to your new destination.
  18. Get a copy of the signed bill from the mover which includes the details of the delivered goods.

Best Movers

Looking for affordable moving companies for long distance moving then you are at the right place we will provide you the best and the most cost effective companies available in USA that provide the following:

  • Household, corporate, government & military moving.
  • Rebates and discounts.
  • Full Service Moving & Do-it-Yourself Moving.
  • Auto/Car shipping available.
  • Offer loading-unloading-unpacking and cleaning services.
  • Provide Connecting & Disconnecting of appliances.
  • Special care for fragile items.
  • Eco-friendly.
  • Utility switching, phone service switching, mail forwarding, cable and internet switching and home inspections.
  • Free climate-controlled storage for 30 days.
  • Licensed by the U.S. Department of Transportation.
  • Estimators, relocation consultants, packers, supervisors, drivers and dispatchers.
  • Licensed and insured relocation specialists.
  • Special Reward Programs.
  • 1st Class Treatment.
  • Promover certified by American Moving and Storage Association.
  • Military Discounts.
  • Special facilities for antique moving, piano moving & wine collection moving.

Moving Costs

Long distance moving cost ranges from approximately $3000-$8000. The total cost of moving is calculated on the basis of the weight of the goods and total distance from the origin to the destination. The moving company uses a Base Rate Book for calculating the total cost of moving (including the cost of packing and other services). Moving during summer months may cost you about 20% more than the regular moving cost.

Protect Your Move provides consumers basic moving terms and fraud prevention tips and techniques. With so many long distance moving companies today you can easily find discounted prices for your moving, use our Free Moving Quotes to get the best deals available online.

When asking for a quote you may get a Binding price which means the final price or a Non-Binding price which means the price includes other extra charges.


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