About Us

www.usamovingcompanies.com was born out of the need to provide consumers in the USA a stage to plan and execute a moving and relocation project. In light of the increasing number of rogue movers during the periods of high consumer demands, we felt that there was the need to educate the average citizen as to the proper tactics when hiring moving companies for a relocation.

We also have aligned with reputable, licensed, and well-respected national / local moving companies. These moving providers are members of the American Moving & Storage Association and are expected to adhiere to the highest level of integrity to remain part of this community.

Our goal is to pair up consumers with these pre-screened moving companies, thus providing the consumers a way – a bonafide way to move in a manner that is economically feasible, free of scams, and above all else with a assured level of comfort knowing that their belongings are being moved with care.

Because we’re sure that we’ve done our homework on behalf of the consumers, we’re confident that the information we provide on this site is relevant and helpful to the consumer to the point that will help them reach this realistic objective.

Because of automated bots crawling the net, we have opted not to publish our email address, however, you can still reach us by sending us a message here: Contact Us Right here

Thank you.