What Are Moving Storage Containers?

When it’s time to move to a new home, there are so many options and questions about how your belongings will get from one place to another in one sound piece. One option is to use moving containers, but what are exactly these storage moving cubes?

In a nutshell, a moving container is a large metal storage cube. These moving units have been well received in the market place for being kind of portable units.

A more detailed explanation is that they are large metal storage containers that are similar to the attached bed on the back of a moving truck. These moving units, however, are removable. They’re brought to your location, outside your front door, and look much like a small shed.

Generally, they’re placed in the driveway or on the street by the curb in front of your house. Essentially, it’s like removing the back of a large moving truck, and placing it at your doorstep for loading and unloading at your own convenience and then removing it when done.

After these storage units are delivered to your home, you load it, and then the moving company comes to transport it to where you needed it unloaded. After you’re completed, the moving company picks up the empty moving cube to remove it from your place of residence.

Most of these moving storage units come with some amount of security, like a padlock or combination lock. Some have secured metal sides as well, while others offer thin, lightweight construction that provide protection from rain and wind.

These moving units allow you to defray the cost of a full-service mover. They’re cheaper than hiring a full-service moving company and save you having to learn how to drive a big moving truck.

They’re also known as do-it-yourself moving compartments, moving cubes, self-packing containers, or you-pack containers. They come in a variety of sizes and options to fit your budget.

The one advantage of this moving solution is the added convenience of packing these units yourself and letting the driving to the company offering the service, sort of a combination of a do-it-yourself move with the added service of a traditional full service moving.

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