Moving Cubes

You’ve probably seen them in front of a neighbor’s house or business.They’re large moving storage units for a do-it-yourself relocation job.

These storage units are made out of wood or recycled products and steel and are secured with a personal padlock. There are various sizes starting with a cube that’s approximately an eight by seven by seven foot box and are provided by several different companies under a variety of labels. It has gained popularity for its approach to moving from traditional moving companies’ services.

As far back to the late 1990’s, we’ve seen these moving storage units in front of neighbor’s house in a variety of sizes. Today, these moving cubes are considered as a do-it-yourself moving solution to consumers not just in the USA, but their use have grown to other markets such as Canada, United Kingdom, and Australia.

The idea of consumers packing their move with these storage units without the added pressure of having to do it all at once as in the case of traditional moving companies was a clear benefit. Once the unit is completed, the service company shows up to pick the box and delivers it at its destination at which point, then the consumers unpacks it at their own pace and the storage unit is then hauled away.

So What Are the The Advantages Of A Moving Portable Storage Cube, Then?

  • It’s less expensive option. Because you’re essentially renting only the box and a delivery charge. You don’t have to pay to fill a large moving truck and its fuel, and you yourself load and unload the units at your convenience.
  • It also allows for a storage solution when your living space is not large enough or you’re, for instance, having construction work done and need to clear things out temporarily.
  • Another added advantage is that you can take your time to load up your moving cube. Moving is a time consuming task when done correctly and cost effectively. As you clear, label, and organize your move, you can load up your unit as you go along.
  • It forces you to plan, organize, and execute your move more effectively. If you’re not getting rid of unused items prior to your move, a portable unit space will be very limited. You could find yourself using more cubes unnecessarily.
  • In case of emergencies, these cubes can be also used in cases of flooding, fires, and in the case of victims of Hurricane Katrina, a dried place to find shelter.

The Cons Of Using These Portable Cubes, You Should Consider

  • Obviously, your back. Packing and unpacking your move can take a toll on your back. If your help is limited and are forced to pick up boxes yourself, your back is something you should add on the scale as you weight your options.
  • Space – when the moving company brings your portable unit. Where are you going to keep it? In most neighborhoods, a moving storage cube can bring issues with the community if you were to leave it on the streets for any period of time. So do check with management to learn of any regulations or alerts you must be aware of.
  • Supplies – remember this is a do-it-yourself service. You must bring your own packing materials, organize your belongings inside the portable unit, and secure it all.
  • How About Insurance? an item breaks during transportation, who pays to replace it? since you’re packing things up yourself, any provider could hold you accountable for any broken items.
  • A Long Distace Moves Across State Lines? if your move involves multiple cubes that are transported across state lines, the cost of using this method of moving could be outside of any reasonable expectations.

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