Pros And Cons Of Using Portable Moving Containers To Move

Portable moving containers provide a convenience and cost-effective solution to many moves. Before you make a decision about using these storage containers, know the pros and cons of using portable moving containers to move.
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  1. Secure Storage – They protect belongings from wind and normal rainfall and provide a way to lock the unit. Portable containers usually provide a good amount of security in storage with a sealed and locked container.
  2. Convenience – A truck delivers the storage box to you and then picks it up to deliver to your new location. After you have completely unloaded everything, the moving containers are then picked up and carried away. Once the container is at your location, you are free to load and unload at your convenience before the moving container is picked up.
  3. Cost Effective – Pay only for the space you actually need by choosing from a variety of sizes in moving containers. Also save on gas and other full-service moving expenses.


Most are not climate controlled – While the storage containers provide a certain amount of protection from rain and wind, most are not climate controlled. This means that extreme humid, cold or hot conditions could potentially put your belongings at risk.

  1. Liability – Even though the containers are locked and provide some degree of security, they are still portable and subject to vandalism, for which you will be responsible.
  2. Space – When the storage units are delivered to your home, they are usually placed on your driveway or on the street in front of your house. The downside is the amount of space the unit takes up during the time you need it at your location to load. There also may be local codes or lack of space to place the storage container for those living in apartments or moving out of a college dorm, for instance.

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