Moving to San Juan, Puerto Rico

Like Juan Ponce de Leon, you’re in search of new surroundings to explore. Before moving to San Juan Puerto Rico, understand and get to know as much as you can about the island that is an unincorporated territory of America. We at USAMovingCompanies, do provide a safe and responsive solution to enjoy a worry-free relocation.

For starters, if you’re relocating from the contiguous United States, you won’t be able to load up a moving truck and be on your way. San Juan is an island, which means some of your belongings will need to be shipped by boat or air.

San Juan is an island located in the Atlantic Ocean, north of Venezuela, and southeast of the southern-most tip of the Florida Keys, Cuba, and the Dominican Republic. It is west of the Virgin Islands.

Hire a moving company to help get you settled once you arrive. Find one that is familiar with loading and unloading crates and boxes transported from overseas and know how to get around traffic congestion on the island.

San Juan, named after St. John the Baptist, is a major port city on the island of Puerto Rico, which name means “good port”. The city is home to the Capitol of Puerto Rico, Fort san Cristobal, Fort San Felipe del Morro, University of Puerto Rico, and the Cathedral of san Juan Bautista.

Unless you like it hot and humid, pack your shorts and look for a house or apartment that has air conditioning. While the island enjoys somewhat cooler days from December through April, the summers are quite warm in this tropical island environment.

If you have ever been to the island before as a visitor, you are most likely familiar with the tourist area of Condado where you will find beaches and Ocean Park. Move into Old San Juan, where you will find traditional Spanish architecture still well preserved and livable. In San Juan, you will discover that there is a place to live for every taste in home and architectural style.

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