Puerto Rico

Living in Puerto Rico has many benefits. Wonderful beaches, unbelievable rainforests, and year round sunshine to name just a few. In today’s economy however sometimes our perfect lives can be disrupted when we find ourselves having to move to a new home in a different neighborhood. Regardless of which moving services you find yourself using there are certain key things that you can do to make your move to or from Puerto Rico as smooth and stress free as possible. Here, at USAMovingCompanies, are some quick moving quotes and easy things you can do to not only make your job easier but to help your movers be as efficient as possible.

When contacting your Puerto Rico moving company & getting quotes for the first time you want to make sure and have a list of questions for them. If you are hiring movers through a service such as the ones some of the truck rental companies provide you will usually have to prepay for a couple of hours to book the job. Book for the minimum required. Question number one is to find out what the rate will be once the prepaid hours are up. Does the rate go up, down, or stay the same? Do they provide a truck or do you need to rent one? Do the moving companies provide their own equipment such as handtrucks and furniture dollies? Will the movers supply rope to tie off the load? All of these small things will add up to a very smooth and efficient move if you know the answers ahead of time.

The most important thing you can do to make your move to or from Puerto Rico go smoothly is to try and be as organized as possible. Do not leave anything until the last minute. Know ahead of time what is going on the truck and what is not. If you have certain items that are not going then the best thing to do is to use post its or something similar to tag either the items that are going or the items that are staying. It’s up to you. In an ideal world you are going to be directing traffic and making sure the movers are loading only what you want to go. However with the vast majority of things that go on during a move you want to make it as easy as possible for the moving companies to avoid mistakes. Movers work visually so this is usually the best way.

Make sure you have a good spot to stage all of your boxes at. This can be an empty room inside the house or even better a cleared out space inside the garage. The most important thing is to make sure that all hallways and passageways inside the house are clear of boxes, moving supplies and any obstructions. Movers will be as careful as they can but don’t make their job harder for them by giving them obstacles that they have to move around. When you are packing the boxes be reasonable. Yes you are hiring moving companies to lift and move heavy items but your main concern should be the safe transportation of your items. If the box is too heavy for any of your family to lift it is too heavy for safe transportation. Sometimes this can’t be avoided but here we are talking about boxes that you are personally packing. Make sure you separate any boxes that you don’t want packed immediately. Don’t wait until moving day and assume you will get around to setting it aside before the movers have a chance. You are paying them by the hour and do not want them to waste time undoing the walls of boxes and furniture that they have already loaded on to the truck. This happens quite a bit in the moving business. Make sure all boxes are clearly marked on the top as well as the sides in case you do need the movers to find something later in the day.

Let’s talk about moving blankets or moving pads as they are sometimes called. The questions I hear most often are “Should I rent them or buy them?” “Is there a special kind that I need to get?” “How many blankets or pads do I need?” “Is it safe to use my own?”

To address the first question. If you find yourself moving every year or every other year then it might be a good idea to go ahead and purchase a set. However if you really don’t see yourself moving that often then renting the blankets is your best option financially. You can usually get them in bags of six for a reasonable price. There is really only two types of moving blankets. One is quite a bit nicer than the other, but also more costly. Usually the blankets you can rent from the moving companies are more than adequate. Estimating the correct number of blankets is usually as simple as counting one blanket for every piece of wood that you need to cover as well as any glass. Don’t forget to count chairs. Yes, you can use your own blankets, sheets, rugs, pillows, towels, washcloths, and even cardboard to protect your items however it’s a good idea to at least rent one bag of blankets to protect your most precious items.

We hope you enjoyed these moving tips and suggestions to make your move to or from Puerto Rico as painless as possible. Puerto Rico is a wonderful place to live and we hope all your memories are good ones.

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