Moving to Newark, NJ

When moving to Newark New Jersey, you will find everything you need in or around the city limits. Newark is located southwest and west of New York City, and is inside of Essex County. Go west of the city, and you’ll discover suburbs along the slope of a mountain. Go east, and you’ll enjoy Newark Bay. We at USAMovingCompanies have made partnerships with a selected group of reliable and customer centric moving companies to save you time in the research of finding a good company while at the same time saving you up to 35% of your move.

Newark, New Jersey is considered to be part of the New York metropolitan area, so you will discover a neighborhood that meets your individual needs, from populated urban areas where you can live in a loft or even luxury condos to sprawling suburbia on the outskirts of town which is often preferred for families looking to raise their children in the area.

Downtown Newark offers city living with businesses and attractions like the New Jersey Performing Arts Center, the Newark Museum, the Prudential Center, and sports facilities like Newark Bears Baseball. There are universities and colleges in Newark as well as bustling businesses.

Traveling within, into and out of Newark is convenient and accessible. The first commercial airport in America, Newark Liberty International Airport, is located in this Northeastern city. The PATH system takes you where you need to go inside Newark, out to the beach or into Manhattan.

The city of Newark is also home to the first county park in the United States. Locals enjoy multitudes of fragrant and beautiful cherry blossoms at this Branch Brook Park.

When selecting a moving company to get you moved into your downtown Newark home, be aware of street parking conditions and individual apartment, loft or condo requirements. If you select a home on the outskirts of Newark, you’ll still want to make sure the professional moving van driver is comfortable in heavy traffic conditions, and understands traveling through tunnels and across bridges.

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