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New Jersey is the most densely populated state in America. Each year around 39 million Americans relocate to different locations. An average American moves approximately 12 times in his or her lifetime. Research shows that 40% of the moves are job related, 42% are personal moves and 18% are military or government relocation. Get online moving quotes instant from our website which would help you get best moving companies.

Guide To Packing

Don’t want others to mess around with your stuff or want to save up some cash while moving whatever may be the reason our guide will make you a packing pro.

  • Basic things you need for packing includes wrapping paper, cartons, packing tape and markers.
  • You could use newspaper as an alternative to wrapping paper. Pack all the delicate items with bubble wrap, if you don’t have bubble wrap pack them with lots of layers of paper that will make sure that they don’t break while moving.
  • Buy cartons from your mover or purchase them at a local store. Make sure that the cartons have covers so that you can close them after packing. Liquor cartons are great for packing glassware’s and goblets.
  • Packing tape should be at least 1.5 to 2 inches wide.
  • Use markers to label your cartons with the contents and destination room such as fragile, kitchen or playstation-game room.
  • Pack one room at a time to avoid confusion and mess.
  • Small and heavy items should be packed in smaller boxes and large and light weight items should be packed in larger boxes. Heavier items should be placed at the bottom of the box and lighter items should be placed at the top.
  • Pack flatware in layers of sheets one above another and seal with plastic tape.
  • Pack stemware and goblets separately and fill them with paper.
  • Cups and glasses should be stacked one above another with a layer of paper between each glass to avoid breakage.
  • When packing kitchen appliances place two or three items in one box and don’t forget to cover them with lots layers of paper.
  • When packing lamps remove the shades as well as their bulbs and wrap cords around bases. After that wrap several layers of wrapping paper around the lamp so as to cover it fully. Wrap the box with various layer of paper in and around the box then carefully put the lamp in the center of the box and seal with packing tape.
  •  Seal canned goods with plastic tape and wrap them with wrapping paper.
  •  Large pictures should be packed in specialized picture cartons.
  • Suits and dresses should be hung in movers wardrobe cartons.

Moving Tips

Some useful tips about moving you did not know.

  • Always start planning your move about 8-10 weeks in advance.
  • Things that are banned by moving companies:
  1. gaseous materials
  2. flammable substances
  3. radioactive materials
  4. poison
  5. corrosives
  • If you want to save some money while moving pack everything yourself. Check out the guide to packing for more info.
  • Mark all the delicate items and keep them separately.
  • Put all the stuff you don’t need up for garage sale or donate it to charity.
  • Moving could be a really daunting task so ask your friends and neighbors to help you out.
  • If you are moving locally the cost is calculated per hour but if you are moving to a different state the cost is calculated based on the weight of the shipment and the distance between the origin and the destination.
  • Read your mover’s contract carefully and check if they are liable for any damaged goods.
  • Never pack your important personal documents always take them with you.
  • When choosing an out of state moving company make sure to check their Better Business Bureau (BBB) records and licenses before choosing them. Also ask them if they provide any kind of moving insurance.
  • Moving using trucks involves various hidden costs which are not revealed until the last day of moving.

Become A Smart Consumer

Do not get fooled by all the fancy ads you may see every day of various moving companies, most of them are just in it for the money and are not even certified to do that job. With so many moving companies in New Jersey today it is really difficult to figure out whether they are real or fake, but not anymore as we share with you the best sites for authenticating a moving company.

Here are the links for checking New Jersey movers credentials:

  • Protect Your Move
  • Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration

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