Moving to Manchester, NH

Moving to Manchester New Hampshire will put you in the heart of the New England states. Manchester is a city near the southern portion of this northeastern state that is sandwiched between Vermont and Maine, just north of Massachusetts. Parts of the city rest along the Merrimack River.

Manchester, New Hampshire offers excellent colleges. Move to the city to attend a number of higher learning campuses, including Franklin Pierce University or the New Hampshire Institute of Art. Begin by visiting USAMovingCompanies to learn how you can save up to 35% on your move while at the same time, have a straightforward relocation.

You will also find the arts and sciences very much alive in the city with the New Hampshire Symphony Orchestra, the Currier Museum of Art, the New Hampshire Philharmonic Orchestra, the New Hampshire Institute of Art, the Franco American Centre, and the SEE Science Center.

Depending on the weather and your mood, Manchester residents are within about an hour of either the Atlantic Ocean or the White Mountains. This state offers mild summers and cold New England winters, with beautiful colorful trees in the fall. To avoid potential snowy or icy conditions, plan your move during a season other than winter. Locals get out and enjoy fair weather days in the city’s nearly 1,000 acres of parks and kids playgrounds.

Residents of Manchester find affordable housing and a low tax rate. Manchester has been rated by Forbes as one of the cheapest cities to live, and it’s no wonder when you shop tax free in New Hampshire.

Close to Boston, Manchester is positioned in the business and financial center of northern New England. CNN Money rated it as one of the top cities in America to live and launch a business. Many locals who work in manufacturing or technology know this to be true. Historically, the city once was the home of the largest textile mill in the world. The Amoskeag Mills once employed thousands of workers and manufactured cotton cloth.

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