New Hampshire

Moving to New Hampshire is expected to be on the rise with the implementation of the Free State Project which aims to encourage up to 20,000 people to move to the state. But even without the project, people will surely be looking for a moving company when they are about to make a move.

Those who have read John Irving’s novels, The World According to Gap and The Hotel New Hampshire must be looking for movers now in preparation for their out of state moving, more out of curiosity for the state which was a familiar setting in the novels.

A lot of people are looking at local movers as they plan to move to this state known for providing lots of space and less expensive quality life for its residents. Who wouldn’t want to live in the state when personal income and general sales are not taxed at all.  If you’re still thinking where you first heard, then in all probability you must have heard about it during the United States presidential election primary.

If you want to experience many attractions of New Hampshire especially during winter you are in luck. The state has some of the best facilities for mountaineering and winter sports like snowmobiling and skiing. People also think about moving in time for the June Motorcycle Week at the New Hampshire Motor Speedway.

Residents of Killington no longer need to look for a moving company to move to the state because this ski resort town has already seceded and is now part of the state. But for those still planning to move to the state, you will need a moving services to make sure that your move is done efficiently and without any of the hassle and the stress that comes with moving in general.

Check out some of these moving tips to make moving a pleasant experience for you:

  • Research on the various services offered by the moving companies in the state and then ask each one for their moving quotes. Based on the data you have, you can now create a shortlist of the companies from where you will choose your moving company.
  • Make sure you include the cost of crates as part of your moving expenses. Choosing sturdy crates which you can pile on top of each other will keep your household effects and personal belongings safe and sound.
  • Choose a company that is also capable of providing you moving supplies such as crates, packaging tapes, labels and bubble wraps for your breakables.

There may be a lot of reasons why you want to move. But before you do that, make sure you are aware of some of the existing rules and laws in the state which might affect you favorably and otherwise. If you have young children then you will be surprised to learn that Kindergarten is not mandated here. And if you are fond of riding bikes then don’t be surprised to see fellow bikers without a helmet because it is not mandatory here.

It may take you and your family some time to get used to the humid climate and cold winters in New Hampshire. If you intend to move along the state’s mountainous areas, then be prepared for very cold winters with up to 100 inches of snow on the average every year. That’s not bad at all for those moving to get their fill of winter sports.

If you are looking at starting a business or improving your economic status then New Hampshire is the best place to be. The state is a haven for those in the agriculture business as it is a producer of eggs, apples, cattle and dairy products. The industries are however not far behind with outputs like rubber, electric equipment, machinery and plastic products.

Electric supply in New Hampshire is abundant because 30 percent of it is sourced from the New England nuclear reactor. Other power sources include the Merrimack coal-fired plant, fossil-fuel plants and natural gas-fired power plants. Surprisingly, state residents have low power usage compared to the national average consumption. Once you have settled down, you will realize that summers here are mild so there is a low demand for air conditioning.  Heating the homes during winter does not also require much power as they rely on fuel oil.

While you will love New Hampshire’s general taxation scheme, you will however disdain the state’s controversial property tax, as it is known as one of the highest in the country.  The chances of finding a new job in the state is pretty high because of the 5.4% unemployment rate here, which has again encouraged people to consider to move.

The number of moving services may have made moving here an easy task. However, you still have to consider other factors before you decide to move here, especially if you are moving with your family. As you start a new life in another state, make sure you are well aware of the cost of living. Also check out the social amenities in the state so you can prepare your family, especially the children, for the changes that you are bound to experience.

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