Moving to Baltimore, MD

Whether you’re moving to Baltimore Maryland for work or for education; the city is a largely populated urban center with much to offer, like Johns Hopkins University, Loyola University, and Peabody Institute.

Part of the charm of this city, that has been nicknamed “Charm City”, is that Baltimore is conveniently located in the center of the state of Maryland. The city has a large sea port, and the oldest antique district in the United States, called Antique Row. USAMovingCompanies wants you to make the best decision as to whether flat rate movers or moving companies that charge by the hour are best for you.

Visitors come into the city to see sites, such as Mt. Vernon, Walters Art Museum, Oriole Park, and Camden Yards. They also soak up the rich history of stories about The Star Spangled Banner and what part Baltimore played in creating this national anthem.

Charm City Circular and a small light rail system are among options for getting around, but your best bet is to make sure you have a reliable vehicle for transportation.

The city has several buildings built with renowned architectural influences from such architects as I. M. Pei. The TransAmerica Tower is the tallest building in the city.

From the Inner Harbor to Federal Hill or Fells Point to Little Italy, Mt. Vernon, Camden, Charles Village or Hampden, Baltimore has been dubbed “The City of Neighborhoods” and is divided into neighborhood districts: Central District, Northern District, Southern District, and then districts within East and West Baltimore.

If you’re going to fit in, put on your orange and black because Baltimore is Oriole baseball country. You’ll also need to learn to speak the language. There is a dialect specific to Baltimore locals. Some Baltimore long-time residents drop the “t sound” when pronouncing the name of their city, often turning it into simply B-More. Many other pronunciations are similar to Philadelpia natives, and the word “yo” often begins sentences.

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