Moving to Billings, MT

Montana is a vastly spread out large spacious state, with Billings located toward the central southern portion. Moving to Billings, Montana will put you in the largest city in this sparsely populated region of America. Moving to any city in United States is hassle free when you start by getting free quotes from USAMovingCompanies to compare moving companies.

Before you load up all of your household belongings to head toward this unfamiliar spot, pack your telescope, for viewing the big sky, and get acquainted. Tourists visit the area to see Pictograph Cave, Little Bighorn Battlefield National Monument, Yellowstone National Park, Chief Plenty Coups State Park, and Zoo Montana. Locals refer to their city as “Montana’s Trailhead, “Montana’s City”, “The Magic City”, or “Star of the Big Sky Country”.

Billings, Montana holds a lot of scientific and historic charm. It was given the name “The Magic City” because of how fast the town grew after the railroad was brought through the area. The city was named in the honor of the Northern Pacific Railroad President. Southeast of the city is Pictograph Cave State Park where you will find cave paintings that date back as far as 2,000 years.

Before you call yourself a local, you need to at least try a stroopwafel from the Dutch-inspired Caramel Cookie Waffle bakery. At least learn what one is. A stroopwafel is how long-time residents of Billings refer to what others may know as a syrup waffle, only flatter and crispier, or one with those waffle indented squares that allow for caramel or syrup to fill them before biting into their deliciousness.

The city is divided by sections: The Downtown Core where business and the financial district exist; The Heights northeast of downtown and encompasses the Lake Hills Golf Course; The North Elevation near the Yellowstone Valley where the Rimrocks rise; Terry, near parks of Terry and Central; and The West End, also called the West Side, includes a high school, shopping mall, and Shiloh even farther to the west; Southwest, where three oil refineries are situated; and the affluent Northwest. The Heights and the far West End have decent neighborhoods where you can raise a family.

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