Interstate Moving Estimates Are Multifactorial In Nature

Have you ever wondered how interstate moving companies determine the cost of your interstate move? The value will be different depending on the distance of your relocation, weight of the shipment, the kind of service you want and the choice of company.

interstate moving estimate

Interstate Moving Estimates Are Calculated Based On Different Factors

Fixed Hourly Rates
Fixed hourly rates are ideal for moderate distances and if you have several items to move in the case of interstate moving. Do not settle for any companies that offer other options than hourly rates. You should also insist on binding moving estimates (on-site estimates) so that you may not pay more than expected.

The Exact Distance
The distance of your old and new home will be used in determining the cost of moving your goods within the same state. Though the homes are not within the same state, most companies will calculate the exact distance to provide said interstate moving estimates. State to state moving costs are relatively higher than moving within the confines of a city.

What You Expect To Pay
For an interstate moving, you should be ready to pay the services offered as described in the contract. The average cost is usually $25 per hour for neighbored states, but the price can increase or decrease depending on the specific location you may wish to move and the mover you have chosen.

In addition to that, packing & unpacking are considered additional services and will cost you $30 per man hour. You should keep in mind that interstate moving companies will provide an interstate moving estimate before the process of moving your goods starts. With different service providers in mind, you have various local moving quotes to compare and choose precisely.

When you visit, you’ll find we’ve done the research of what companies to work with to help you clear away from fraud. We work only with those companies that have proven themselves in the market with thousands of relocations in the track records.

Furthermore, in-house visits will offer you the chance to discuss the more details the bases of their interstate moving estimates once you invite them to review and analyze the content of your move. Apart from that, you will have the opportunity to save up to 35% as opposed to what you would do otherwise.

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