Why Do I Need A Quote From A Professional Moving Company?

Before you hire a professional mover, get several estimates from a variety of moving companies and then compare them. Most moving companies offer a written estimate free of charge, but there are some factors that USAMovingCompanies believes you should know about estimates.

There are binding and non-binding estimates. The difference is that a binding estimate will specify the exact costs of your move determined by the specific services necessary or requested. While a binding estimate is more precise than a non-binding one, it only covers exactly what is included during the time the estimate is made. If you discover that you need additional services, there will be additional costs to cover these extra services. In the case, your mover will most likely provide you with an addendum that specifies what these services include and what they will cost. The addendum will require your approval and signature. Binding estimates are only good for a specified period starting with the day of the initial estimate.

Professional Movers Will Take Care of Your Items

A professional moving company will take note and make a list of your household goods that you want them to move. This is sometimes called a pre-move survey. It is used by the moving company to estimate the amount of van space your items will take up and then to approximate the total cost of your move. To get the most accurate estimate, a representative from the moving company will need to come to your home and visually determine the size and weight of your household goods.

Ask for a written estimate which is sometimes referred to as an Order for Service. Getting it in writing not only provides you with proof of an estimate, but also allows you to easily compare several companies side by side using all of their written estimates.

Estimates are Only Approximations or Guidelines

Costs for local shipments are usually charged by the hour, and many moving companies charge for a minimum number of hours as a base requirement.
Interstate moving loads require paying by the actual weight of the shipment plus the distance of travel and the authorized services for handling your items.

Moving companies are required by law to keep available and allow you to view their tariff upon request. The tariff is a catalog listing rules, regulations, available services and resulting charges used by motor carriers which provide interstate transportation of households.

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