Weekend Moves

The timing of many relocations don’t always come at the best moment. You don’t always have the option of choosing the most ideal time when moving, but when it becomes necessary to move on a weekend, learn everything you need to know about weekend moves before you hire a professional mover.

Is it better to move during the week or on the weekend? Weekend moves can be convenient, but does the convenience outweigh the bottom line cost? The decision is ultimately up to you and your individual situation.

The Cost

Scheduling your relocation move on a weekend will most likely cost more than arranging to move during the week. Movers charge more during peak times, or times that are in high demand. These peak times include holidays, summer months, the last days of the month when apartment leases are up and, moving on a weekend when most people are off work and their children are off school.

The Convenience

There is a reason weekends are considered among the peak days to move. Consider your family’s schedule and sometimes, the extra cost of moving during a weekend is worth the price since it may actually be the most convenient time for you to move.

Choosing to Move On the Weekend

Shop around before making the decision to hire professional movers to service your relocation. Whichever day you decide to, or are required to, move out on, make an informed decision as to which day of the week or weekend works best for you. Get as many moving quotes from as many moving companies as possible to get the best rates before you sign on the dotted line and load up the truck full of your household belongings. By comparing rates you will find the best available quote even on high-demand dates, like weekend moves.

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