Eight Ways to Cut Moving Expenses

The cost of everything seems to be on the rise, so when it comes time to relocating every little expense you cut add up fast. Learn how to cut moving expenses with these eight tips from www.usamovingcompanies.com:

  1. Communicate your budget needs with the moving companies when comparing their services. Some may offer ways to work within your budget to gain your business.
  2. Avoid moving during busy months or weeks of the month when rates are more expensive because of demand. Plan your relocation move sometime other than the summer months when many people move to coincide with the school year. Schedule movers during the middle of the month instead of the early or ending days each month when apartment leases come due and people move in and out.
  3. Combine your shipment with others by renting space on a moving van rather than renting the entire van.
  4. Many professional moving companies charge by the weight. Lighten your load prior to your move by hosting a garage sale or giving away bulky items or those items you no longer use.
  5. Pack boxes and get moving supplies by yourself to save an average of about 25 percent off of the cost of paying a mover for this service.
  6. Disassemble and reassemble large, heavy and bulky items yourself.
  7. Label boxes well and have them ready for movers to pick up and put on the truck. Take care to mark or color code boxes in a way that allows them to easily be loaded onto the van in an orderly fashion, with the items you want unloaded first being packed away onto the van last, so they can be unloaded first making the unpacking efficient as well.
  8. Save on packing materials by using sheets and towels as packing material and tucking away breakable items to make best use of every empty space.

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