Starving Students

The “SS” in SSMovers stands for Starving Students. Starving Students Movers service relocation moving needs of its customers in residential and business moves and also offers storage options. Would you trust a young starving student with your possessions?

The professionals at this company prove that being a student out of work and hungry is just the launching pad to show what you’re really made of. In 1973, two teens who had just graduated high school got together to form a moving company with a cute name: Starving Students Moving (

Starving Students Movers Aim to Please Their Relocation, Moving and Storage Customers:

Customer service is their aim, and their hard work has paid off. Their customer satisfaction shows up in their low claims rate among the moving industry.

Movers Who Literally Wear Their Hearts on Their Hard-Working Sleeves:

They began to, as they put it, “put their heart into every move” and still strive for that goal today. And, it shows. Since that time, they have more than grown into their cute name to become one of the largest local and long distance moving companies in America.

Wherever You are Across America, Starving Students Comes to You:

Their corporate office is located in California, but they service moving and storage needs across the United States with local agents inside several cities within eight states.

The company offers moving professional services and everything you need in trucks and moving equipment and tools. Starving Students Moving Company also offers storage solutions to meet your needs across the nation.

Get to know more about Starving Students Movers at their website, Then, compare other companies to be sure you receive the best deal for your relocation and moving needs by visiting to get free quotes from several movers.

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