Six Tips for Removing Obstacles for the Physically Challenged When Moving to a New Home

Moving is challenging enough. Add to it a physical disability, and a relocation may seem overwhelming and nearly unthinkable. Millions of Americans live with physical challenges and overcome great obstacles on a daily basis. When it comes to moving, wants to make sure your move goes as smoothly as possible.

Following these six tips may help to make moving less of an obstacle for those living with a physical disability.

  1. Talk it over with the moving company you choose before you hire them to make sure they know what you need to help make the move a success. Ask if they supply the special needs equipment that you may need to help you with your relocation.
  2. Set the stage to ease into your new home as smoothly as possible. Call ahead to your new home to be sure the electricity, gas and water are turned on before you arrive.
  3. Don`t forget to look through your moving checklist. Don’t send everything ahead on the moving van. Keep with you stuff you use on a daily or weekly basis to be sure you have access to any special needs equipment should the move be delayed or for any other reason.
  4. Ask someone you trust who understands your special needs to be there when the moving truck packs up and when they arrive at your new home.
  5. Communicate any special furniture layout that you will need in your new home, especially if you have paid for the movers to assist with unpacking and setting up house.
  6. Take extra care during packing, loading, unpacking, furniture set up and even after the movers leave to watch out for electrical cords and other debris that may be left in walkways.

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