How Soon Should I Schedule Professional Movers to Relocate?

The fast answer to, “How soon should I schedule a professional mover to relocate?” is that you should do so as soon as possible. To answer this question in more detail, wants to offer these tips to help you know when is the best time to schedule your moving company for your relocation needs and why it is best to schedule as soon as possible.

Summer months, end of the year during the holidays and end of the month when leases come due are the busiest times for movers. Plan your move during a season or time of the month that isn’t as busy for the most flexibility.

It’s best to let your moving company know between four to six weeks ahead of time so they can plan accordingly to serve you in the best professional manner. The earlier you schedule a mover, the more time you have to work out the details and receive the services you need.

The exact van or truck that will be used for your move will probably not be assigned until a few days before you move, so the more time your moving company has to plan the more time they have to reserve the best vehicle for your specific moving needs.

The moving company that you hire will do their best to comply with your preferred date. However, they will often require that you provide them with an alternative pickup and delivery date for some services just in case a truck or van is not available or emergencies arise. Lengthy planning time means more flexibility in choosing a date. Most companies will notify you in plenty of time as to what the final loading date and estimated date of arrival for delivery will be.

Try to include everything in your checklist. But if your pickup or delivery date is inflexible due to circumstances out of your control, such as closing date on a house, ask about selecting an extra service at an additional cost that will allow the movers to work with you to be there at a precise time on a definite date.

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