11 Tips to Prepare Your Car For Mover

You are performing a long distance move to a new city and need to send your car with the moving company because you have either decided to fly, take another form of transportation or only have one driver and multiple cars to get you to your new location.

USAMovingCompanies.com work with movers every day and know what auto transport company will require to get your vehicle ready to ship before they pick it up.

Follow These 11 Steps to Prepare Your Car For Relocation Movers to Ship:

  1. Have your vehicle serviced prior to shipping because movers will require that it is in working condition.
  2. Inflate the tires to the maximum recommended psi before the vehicle is loaded to alleviate potential tire damage during shipment.
  3. Ensure the antifreeze is at the proper level to protect your car during harsh weather conditions, especially if you are moving during the winter or from one extreme temperature to another.
  4. Get your car inspected by an authorized garage.
  5. Remove any automated toll-paying devices, the car antennae and any roof racks or mounted bike racks fixed to the back.
  6. Don’t fill up at the gas station right before vehicle shipment is schedule as it is safer to transport the car with a gas tank that is less than halfway filled.
  7. Clean out the car leaving only what the car was originally equipped with and no personal belongings, especially nothing of value, inside.
  8. Fill out a vehicle condition report with the auto transport company.
  9. Sign the bill of lading.
  10. Have keys ready to hand over to the movers upon vehicle pick up. Give them only the keys to the vehicle and not your entire set of house, office or other secured location keys.
  11. Disable the vehicle’s alarm to keep it from becoming activated during shipment.

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