Moving With Pets

Pets are often loyal like a best friend and loved as a member of the family. They feel the joys and the stresses that are part of the lives of family members. However, with all the details associated with a move, when relocating to a new home they are often an afterthought.

Take care of your pet. Make your relocation move go smoothly and easily on your pet by following these seven helpful tips:

  1. Before you begin packing household items, be sure your pet’s records are up to date. Update your pet’s tags to include your current and your new address and phone numbers. Also ask for veterinary records including vaccination records and a list of any medications your pet takes. Ask your vet for recommendations on a new pet doctor in your new town and have records faxed directly there to await your first appointment with the new vet.
  2. Have at least one week’s worth of food and medications for your pet on hand and ready to move with you.
  3. Prepare ahead of time how you will arrive at your new house. Driving is best for most pets, but if you have to fly be sure to make arrangements in plenty of time so your pet is well handled with no unpleasant last-minute surprises.
  4. Prepare to have your pet out of the way of movers on moving day. Either ask a friend or relative to pet sit for the day or make arrangements for a kennel during packing and unpacking so your pet is out of the way of the stressful upheaval of his or her environment. At the very least, have someone keep an eye on your pet in a fenced-in back yard, crate or one quiet room out of the way on moving day.
  5. Schedule an appointment as soon as possible after your arrival in the new city. Ask your new veterinarian about any local health concerns for pets, such as lyme disease, and inquire about the new state’s and city’s requirements for vaccinations.
  6. Upon arrival at your new home, arrange to keep your pet out of the way of chaos with boxes and heavy appliances being moved in, and keep your pet secured so he or she does not panic and run away or hide between furniture, appliances or undiscovered, hidden crevices in the new house.
  7. Get your new house ready for your pet. Try to keep walking or any other routines with your pet as you ease into your new environment. Welcome your pet by setting out your pet’s favorite toy and water and familiar feeding dishes.

When preparing a move with pets everything should be done right and already included into your moving checklist.

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