Moving With Handicapped People

When you live with a handicapping disability, moving to a new home can pose a unique array of challenges. Depending on the disability, there are special considerations when moving with handicapped people.

Before moving, talk about your specifics with the professional moving company who will be handling your relocation. Be open and explain what, if any, special equipment will be involved in the move. Discuss the layout of your new home to help them determine if extra attention needs to be paid to getting your belongings out of your current house and moved into your new location. If your furniture needs to be arranged in a specific order, be sure to mention this and make arrangements to have the movers help get everything set up as needed.

If your handicap makes it difficult to communicate, have a friend or relative present. Also, have someone there to assist when the movers arrive.
Measure and verify that the new home has sufficient space. If the person is in a wheelchair, you’ll want to make sure that hallways and doorways in their new home are wide enough to move the wheelchair in and out of freely.

Pack a bag with extra clothing, toiletries and any medication or special equipment needed during your travel transition from one home to another.

Take extra care as you move about. During packing and unpacking, emptying out one residence while setting up house at another, things tend to get a bit chaotic. There are often cords, wires, boxes or other items strewn about that may get in the way of otherwise clear passageways.

Try to have phone line connections, electricity and water hook-ups ready to go before you move into the new place. Especially, prepare a way to get into contact with emergency care or hospitals should the need arise.

Relax and settle in. Check out facilities in your new town that help with your specific handicap or disability. If you have a visiting nurse where you currently live, for instance, make arrangements for the same level of care at your new place. Or, if you are used to enjoying social events at a particular community organization that tailors to your specific handicap, look for similar organizations in your new location.

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