How to Move Frozen Food, Jewelry and Valuables, Household Plants

It’s almost moving day and time to pack up to get ready for your relocation. Everything is falling into place, and then you realize there are some odds and ends items that leave you wondering how to pack them. These include packing and moving frozen foods, jewelry and valuables, and household plants. When in doubt about a particular item, be sure to talk it over with your moving company. In the meantime, wants to share tips on moving these items.

Frozen Foods

As a rule, it is better to give away or cook before you move any frozen foods to be sure they are kept fresh and suitable for eating. Hosting a BBQ party to say thank you and goodbye to friends is one fast way to use up frozen foods. Another is to give it away to neighbors. However, some frozen foods can be moved under limited conditions, but it is best to make arrangements through professionals other than movers, such as local frozen food companies and ask if they have services to transport frozen foods or to using a refrigerated truck.

Jewelry and Valuables

Make arrangements to move items that hold extreme sentimental or monetary value with you when you move and not on the moving truck. Typically, if an item is worth more than $100 per pound, it is considered to be an item of extraordinary value. If it is not possible to personally move these items or send them ahead with someone you trust, arrangements can be made to include them in your move. Make sure you complete and authorize them as extraordinary or unusual value and that the Bill of Lading reflects their value.

House Plants

Movers cannot be expected to be responsible for moving plants safely because they will be on a truck without sunlight or water and exposed to various weather and temperature changes. On top of that, some states will not allow plants that come from other states across their borders. So try not to forget to include them in your moving checklist.

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