Moving to Wichita, KS

Before packing up the van and moving to Wichita Kansas there are some helpful information you will want to know about the area. Start today by allowing USAMovingCompanies to gather quotes from several moving companies.

Get ready to relocate to the middle plain lands of America. Don’t worry. “The Wizard of Oz”, or “Twister” don’t tell the whole story. It is windy in Kansas, but there is more to Wichita, Kansas than tornadoes. However, consider the weather to plan your move at the most optimal time of year. It may not be tornadoes every day, but certainly take the wind gusts into consideration when planning your move to the city. Check the weather before heading out.

In the southeastern central heart of the Midwestern plains, Wichita is situated where the Arkansas and Little Arkansas Rivers come together. However, there are no coastal ocean ports anywhere nearby. This part of the country is visited mostly by train, vehicle or by air.

Wichita is the largest city in Kansas, and is home to Wichita State University and various corporations. The city is referred to as the “Air Capital of the World” because aircraft wonders of Cessna, Beech and Lear began projects there. Aircraft companies of Mooney, Cessna, Stearman and Beechcraft were all founded in Wichita. Other nicknames for Wichita include, “Peerless Princess of the Plains”, and “Aircraft Capital of Kansas”.

The most well-known neighborhoods are College Hill and Riverside. Riverside is located northwest of downtown. College Hill is located east of downtown, with historic value. “Old Town” is located just east of the city, and is home to much of the younger crowd. The cost of living is reasonable, with affordable housing.

Find bike trails near Sedgewick County Park, and several shopping districts throughout the city. The city is beautiful, but many prefer life outside of downtown. The center of town is where 135 and Kellogg Avenue intersect. The Kansas Turnpike runs through the southeastern edge of Wichita. Many professional moving companies readily service and know their way around Wichita.

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