Moving to Washington, D.C.

Unless you are the president of the United States, you will have to find a different place of residence besides the White House at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue when moving to Washington D.C. When choosing to live in downtown Washington, D.C., be prepared to hire a professional moving company who knows how to maneuver heavy downtown traffic and urban moving conditions. USAMovingCompanies is a website that helps you connect with a number of moving quotes from trusted moving companies that are able to handle the caliber of your move.

Washington, D.C. consists of more than the Smithsonian, Washington Gallery of Art, the reflecting pool, the Lincoln Memorial, the Viet Nam Memorial Wall, the Washington Monument, the Capitol Building, the National Mall or Arlington Cemetery. Take the metro or public transportation where you want to go and choose to live within the city limits or the surrounding Washington, D.C. metro area which consists of parts of Maryland and even into parts of Virginia.

From the start, Washington, D.C. was a planned city. The city was intended to incorporate avenues radiating out from rectangles to provide room for open space and landscaping.

The city is divided into four unequal quadrants that radiate from the United States Capitol building toward the Northwest, Northeast, Southeast and the Southwest quadrants of the city. All of the city’s street names include the letters NW, NE, SE or SW in their name, depending upon which quadrant they are in with the exception of several streets named after states, Constitution Avenue, Independence Avenue and Embassy Row where the foreign embassies reside.

Washington, D.C. is known as The Federal City, The American Rome, A Capital City, The Capital of the World, Chocolate City, City of Magnificent Distances, City of Magnificent Intentions, District of Crime, Murder Capital of America, District of Corruption and Hollywood for Ugly People. However, when moving to Washington, D.C., the most important nickname you will call it is your new home.

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