Moving to Virginia Beach, VA

Relocate to a town in the Hampton Roads area in Virginia. Virginia Beach is the largest city in the state of Virginia and located in Fairfax County. The city has approximately 437,000 residents.

The city is on the Chesapeake Bay and south of the James River. You are sure to fall in love in this city located in a state once said to be for lovers. Moving to Virginia Beach Virginia, will take you to the east coast near the Atlantic Ocean. Trust our professional USAMovingCompanies site who understands movers and have already done the research for you from every angle.

The city has a heavy Navy presence with the nearby city of Norfolk and Cape Henry, which was the site where the first English colonists landed. It is also rich in history, not terribly far from Colonial Williamsburg. Regent University and the 700 Club are located in Virginia Beach.

Virginia Beach is a popular resort city filled with rows of beachfront hotels. At the base of the Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel, it has the longest pleasure beach in the entire world. For locals, the area has a higher cost of living than most other cities in America.

The area is humid and subtropical with mild winters, so snow and ice is not usually an issue. When moving to Virginia Beach, Virginia, hire a professional moving company who is comfortable maneuvering through heavily populated tourist areas and knows how to pack items for a moist environment.

Similar to New York City, Virginia Beach was originally set up with seven boroughs. The boroughs are Bayside, Kempsville, Blackwater, Llynnhaven, Princess Anne, Pungo, and Virginia Beach.

With a large military base in nearby Norfolk, Virginia Beach has a number of rental homes and apartments as well as a good share of single family homes owned by those who choose to raise a family in the city or surrounding area.

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