Moving to Seattle, WA

Seattle, Washington has some notable features that most are familiar with even if they have never been to the city. Among them are the Space Needle, coffee, aerospace, and technology companies, like Microsoft. Of course, there is also rain. The town is located in the Pacific Northwest in the uppermost left corner of the United States. Compare several quotes all in one place at USAMovingCompanies to be sure you receive the very best deal.

Get a birds eye view of the city and scope out your new neighborhood before settling in when you take a trip to the top of the Space Needle. After you’ve moved in, this site becomes a great place to bring visiting relatives and guests.

You may start craving an artisan cup of coffee when you hear the name of this town. This is with good reason, since it is the birthplace of Starbucks and known as the Coffee Capital of the World. It also has some of the best laptop café’s in the region.

When you take the ferry to work, there is space to sleep during your commute. If you choose to drive, instead, you’ll run into numerous roundabouts and stop signs.

Seattle is also called the City of Flowers, Emerald City, Queen City, and Rain City. The aerospace industry’s presence has also dubbed it with the nickname of Jet City.

Apartments and other brick buildings in the city become covered in ivy and shaded by beautiful greenery and trees during summer months. You also get a lovely view of Mt. Ranier. During the winter, if it snows enough for sledding, the entire town has been known to shut down to slide down a hill.

When moving to Seattle Washington, be prepared to load and unload your belongings in a shower of rain. While locals claim there are plenty of sunny days, the area is also plentiful for rainfall. Also be prepared to cross bridges. Much of Seattle is divided by waterways.

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