Moving to Portland, OR

It’s ok! You don’t have to truly live up to the city’s unofficial slogan of “Keep Portland Weird” when moving to Portland Oregon. You will, however, most likely feel free to be yourself in your new surroundings.

Portland is located on the northwestern border of this northwestern American state. Many locals tend to be earth-friendly and charity cause-conscious. You can use USAMovingCompanies to get connected almost instantly with a number of quotes from moving companies in your area that can handle your national move.

Portland is regarded as one of the most “green” or environmentally friendly cities in America. Enjoy its beautiful parks and green spaces, from the smallest park in the world at Mill Ends Park to Mount Tabor Park where you will take in beautiful views from the surface of a dormant volcano vent.

Get ready to stop and smell the roses. While busy with packing and preparing to move, you may not feel like it’s all a bed of roses, but rest assured, you are getting ready to relocate to Portland that is called the “City of Roses”. The city received this name because of its numerous rose gardens and because it is home to the International Rose Test Garden.

Portland locals love their coffee, much like their neighbors across the border to the north, in Washington State. Their artisan coffees are served from cafes and micro-roasters. They also enjoy their microbreweries and microdistilleries.

After you’ve worked up an appetite on moving day, head to the streets of the city. Portland has an amazing food scene. There is something for every taste, including an incredible vegetarian cuisine that is readily available. Food carts are also plentiful and popular on the streets of Portland.

One of your biggest decisions, on weekends, will be whether you should head for the ocean or the mountains. Both are within driving distance of Portland, which is situated in the Willamette Valley near the Willamette and Columbia River. Enjoy warm summers and cool winters along with plenty of rain.

Despite frequent rain, locals enjoy outdoor sports and activities. There are hiking trails within the city limits, and the city is very bicycle and pedestrian friendly. Still, it won’t hurt to be prepared on moving day, and make sure the movers you hire know how to properly protect your household items and floors from moisture.

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