Moving to Portland, ME

The largest city in Cumberland County, Maine is Portland. Move to this northeastern state any time of year. Tourists visit in the fall when breathtaking views of changing colored leaves are picture worthy. Moving to Portland Maine and becoming a local means living in the city during the other three seasons of the year as well. Start today by allowing USAMovingCompanies to gather quotes from several moving companies.

When moving to the northeast, it’s wise to consider moving in the summer, or late spring and early fall, to avoid possible hazardous winter weather conditions. Join more than 66,000 people who already live in the city as they welcome you to Portland. This New England city offers something for everyone.

As one of the best green cities in America, the scenery in Maine is gorgeous. Get your fisherman hat on and your taste buds ready, because the seafood here is delicious.

Portland has been voted the best in several aspects of living, from various publications. They have ranked highly for foodies. It is a fairly secure place to live when compared to other large metropolitan areas. The city offers competitive private colleges. Portland is an eastern coastal city. The schools offer ethnic diversity with many immigrants flocking to the area. Maine is overall a safe place to live.

City signs identify, what natives call corners. They are neighborhoods or intersections. These neighborhoods are: Deering Center, Bayside, The Arts District, The Old Port, Bradley’s Corner, Deering Highlands, Cushing’s Island, Downtown, Munjoy Hill, East Bayside, Eastern Cemetery, East End, Great Diamond Island, Lunt’s Corner, Highlands, East Deering, Libbytown, Kennedy Park, Little Diamond Island, Morrill’s Corner, Nason’s Corner, North Deering, Oakdale, Parkside, Riverton Park, Rosemont, the West End, Peaks Island, Woodford’s Corner and Stroudwater. Some of the upscale areas include Camden and Booth Bay. The entire city is almost entirely bordered by water, from Black Cove and other bays.

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