Moving to Oklahoma City, OK

Uncover the beauty of “the Cinderella City” as a great place to live by learning as much as you can about the city before moving to Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Learn enough to conclude that the entire state is better than just “OK”. Here, at USAMovingCompanies, are some quick moving quotes and easy things you can do to not only make your job easier but to help your movers be as efficient as possible.

Oklahoma City is referred to as “OKC” in a state with a postal abbreviation that’s “OK”, but you’ll soon discover it lives up to its nickname of “the Big Friendly”. The residents are said to be extremely friendly, polite and helpful.

While OKC has one of the largest livestock markets in the entire world, you’ll discover this city in the middle of Oklahoma to be about more than cattle. The city has one of the lowest and most stable unemployment rates in America. Oklahoma City is the capitol of the state of Oklahoma, and the oil industry is such a part of their way of life that there are oil derricks on the grounds of the state capitol building.

The city is generally a very clean environment. When approaching on I-40, from the east, the skyline is beautiful. Once you enter the city, you will find that the streets and city blocks are very well designed, making it easy to find your way around.

The cost of living is extremely affordable, and it is a fine place to raise a family. It is a city that loves their sports teams and churches. Country music is also very popular among locals.

One thing to consider when hiring a professional moving company to help you get settled in Oklahoma City is the weather. This Frontier Region has a history of heavy winds, springtime tornadoes, severe thunderstorms, along with winter cold snaps, and hot and humid summers. Be prepared on moving day, and find movers who know how to work in these weather conditions.

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