Moving to Minneapolis, MN

Grab your swimming suit, boat and fishing pole if you’re moving to Minneapolis, Minnesota. The land of 10,000 lakes concentrates in this city that is often referred to as The City of Lakes. Two cities in the state of Minnesota: Saint Paul and Minneapolis are known as the Twin Cities. Minneapolis is situated on the Mississippi River.

If you are relocating to Minneapolis because of a job transfer, you are not alone. Many Fortune 500 companies make their home, or headquarters, in Minneapolis. If you are relocating from a southern state, focus your energy on learning how to get around the city when it snows. At USAMovingCompanies, we have made the process simpler by already having done the research to identify only those selected companies that are proven to be trustworthy.

There is plenty to do in this artistic culturally diverse city that is home to a large inside Mall of America and has been nicknamed “Mini Apple”, as in a small New York, Big Apple. The city has a commuter rail and a light rail, and it is also very bicycle friendly.

If you are moving a family to Minneapolis, take heart that their schools tend to rank highly, and the city’s parks are some of the best in the nation. Minneapolis also is home to top-notch hospitals, including the Mayo Clinic.

After you learn to drive on snow and ice, the other main standout that will give away that you are new to the area is your accent. Minnesota is known for it’s northern Candian-like way of talking, being near Canada, as well as its Norwegian and Scandanavian influence of speech, mainly heard in the “O” sound of words.

You’ll find any kind of dwelling you desire. There are plenty of refurbished warehouse apartments in the downtown area, as well as other condos and apartments. If you’re looking for a sprawling backyard, you’ll want to head to the outskirts of the city and commute.

The terrain in Minneapolis is relatively flat and easy to maneuver for a moving truck. However, the climate is ripe for plenty of snow during winter months. If you are relocating during the winter, be prepared to work around potential snow and freezing issues with traffic, potential freezing of pipes inside houses as well as staying warm while loading and unloading a moving truck.

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