Moving to Milwaukee, WI

One of the things to consider when moving to Milwaukee Wisconsin, is the winter weather. A summertime move may be hot, but you won’t need to worry about ice or snow filled streets, snow mounds or freezing temperatures. Because of the extreme temperatures, the roads often contain pot holes that you will want your automobiles and moving trucks to avoid if at all possible. Trust our professional USAMovingCompanies site who understands movers and have already done the research for you from every angle.

Milwaukee has their own terms and slang for many everyday items. If you want to find a water fountain, you’ll want to ask for a “bubbler”. If you want a can of sugary fizzy cola, you’ll want to ask for a soda, not a pop. If someone calls you a cheesehead, you’ll know that you’ve been welcomed to a state where they are proud of their cheese. This Great Lakes and northern midwest city in Wisconsin was popularized through television shows like Laverne & Shirley and Happy Days. Baseball fans also know the city of its Milwaukee Brewers and the brewed beer.

The city has something for everyone, from lakeshore living to urban dwellings and suburban towns dotting the outskirts of town. Jackson Park is a popular area south of the city. Bay View is another southside locale that is within approximately a five-minute commute to the city. Enderis Park is a popular spot on the northside of town. Mount Mary is also a favorite spot to live for locals. Downtown neighborhoods and the East side provide walkable city dwelling.

Some of the city’s major employers are Harley Davidson, GE Healthcare, Kohl’s department stores, and Johnson Controls. There are also some major universities and colleges in the area. The Upper East and East Side are populated with students of college age.

Automobiles and public transportation busses are how most locals get around. The average work to home commute time is less than an hour. Some downtown areas are also walker or bike rider friendly, and there are some bike paths along the lake which are more for exercise and leisure than for public transportation. There are also some scenic walking paths along the Riverwalk area where you will also find fun restaurants, arts and culture.

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