Moving to Las Vegas, NV

Don’t roll your dice and gamble when moving to Las Vegas Nevada. What happens in Vegas might stay in Vegas, but not everything that happens in this town occurs on the main strip. The city is known as “Sin City”, but it surprisingly has more to offer when you’re a resident. We at USAMovingCompanies, do provide a safe and responsive solution to enjoy a worry-free relocation.

Depending on what part of the country you’re relocating from, the housing costs in Las Vegas could turn out to be considerably cheaper, allowing you to get more house for your money. If you’re moving from Los Angeles, for instance, you’ll most likely be able to purchase a newer built home for less money in Las Vegas. If you’re moving from other parts of the country, however, it may be equal or more.

More than half of the entire population of the state, live in Las Vegas or the Greater Las Vegas area. The city is located in a flat valley and is surrounded by mountains. About 100 miles northwest of the city are the Yucca Mountains.

Look for a house with at least one good air conditioning unit, and be prepared with lots of cold water and cooling cloths on moving day. Summers get so extremely hot, with temperatures above 110 degrees, that when it rains it’s not unusual to see the rain drops evaporate as soon as they hit the pavement. You can lighten your load by leaving much of your heavy coats and blankets behind, however. During the winter, it doesn’t usually fall very far below freezing.

Because of the tourist hot spots, there is a job market that is quite often in need of workers. Of course casinos are always hiring, but there is also a demand for doctors, lawyers, teachers and other professionals.

The residential areas have been well planned and make sense when trying to get from place to place. Many of the houses are still fairly new, within the past ten to twenty years at most. Several are quite energy efficient, which is good for the environment as well as feeling cool during the summer heat.

Nevada has the lowest taxes in the entire United States, no inheritance tax, no franchise tax, no corporate income tax, no estate tax, no gift tax, no inventory tax, and no personal income tax. It also offers some of the nicest parks you’ll ever see.

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