Moving to Jacksonville, FL

Moving to Jacksonville, Florida is considered by locals to be “Where Florida Begins”. Jacksonville is constructed to form one very large city made up of what amounts to smaller cities within the larger city. Whether your move is a local one or maybe a long distance one find professional moving company to help you with it.

Whether you move to the city for a job transfer or for education to study at Jacksonville University, Jacksonville is home to Fortune 500 companies of Winn-Dixie, Fidelity National Finance and CSX.

Find businesses closer within walking or biking distance in places like downtown, San Marco, Avondale or Riverside. Otherwise, bring a reliable vehicle to get you to and from work and around Jacksonville, but lighten your load by leaving the coats behind when moving to Jacksonville, Florida because Jacksonville has a very tropical, warm climate and mild winters. You just might find that your car lasts longer than it did on snow-covered streets because Jacksonville never gets snow, so it never has the need to lay down salt that rusts cars, and the streets don’t have the expansion problems that create suspension-damaging potholes.

Whatever you bring, when moving to Jacksonville, Florida, bring a swimsuit. You won’t ever have to look far to find a beach when moving to Jacksonville, Florida. The longest drive most locals make to their nearest beach is less than an hour away.

Jacksonville is welcoming to outdoor sports, hunting and fishing. Enjoy the largest urban park system in America when moving to Jacksonville, Florida. The city has 262 parks filled with 80,000 acres of space while water skiers and fishermen enjoy St. John’s River.

Housing in the Jacksonville area is considered affordable and the cost of living lower than the United States and the state of Florida’s average. Moving to Jacksonville, Florida is a perfect opportunity for a first-time house buyer on a limited income.

When moving to Jacksonville, Florida, call the city “Jax” or call it the “Bold New City of the South”. Most importantly, call it your new home.

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