Moving to Indianapolis, IN

Living and moving to Indianapolis, Indiana, doesn’t mean life at a fast pace. It’s not all about Indianapolis 500-Mile Race, known as the Indianapolis 500. Indianapolis is the biggest city in Indiana, and is located in Marion County. The city is in the center of the state.

Home to Ball State and Purdue University, if you’re moving in as a student be sure to hire a moving company that is used to moving students in and out of dorms.

Locals proudly refer to themselves as “Hoosiers”. You know you are officially from Indiana if a resident refers to you by this name. Some other nicknames given to the actual city are Circle City, Crosroads of America, Indy, Railroad City and Naptown.
Indianapolis has 6 Cultural Districts which have been revitalized: Indiana Avenue, Broad Ripple Village, White River State Park and Canal, Massachusetts Avenue, Fountain Square and The Wholesale District.

A Clarian people mover, sometimes called a monorail, connects the Indiana University School with several hospitals. This transit system is technically on more than one rail, but whatever the residents want to call it, it still gets you from place to place in certain parts of the city.

Located in an agricultural area, the Indianapolis area produces livestock and grain. It is also a major hub of transportation, electronics, pharmaceuticals, manufacturing and financial businesses. The city has several parks and green spaces, golf courses, and two rivers running through town.

Slightly east of the Midwestern states, but not quite a New England or East coast location, Indiana is considered to be a Till Plains state. Most of the area is relatively flat, plain-like, ground, so maneuvering a moving van is not a problem like it could be in mountain regions.

It is the capitol city of Indiana, so much of the downtown represents this. Within the one-mile square in the center town, near Monument Circle, are several streets with names that largely reflect the United States and government.

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