Moving to Fargo, ND

If all you know about Fargo, North Dakota, comes from the popular movie, you are in for a pleasant surprise when moving here and settle down. Though you might want to learn what a Hotdish is before you go sand bagging or competing in a game of beer darts.

You are sure to discover the charm in the northern-most Midwest region. Fargo is located in the mid southeastern corner of the state of North Dakota, right across the river from Moorhead, Minnesota. The city is situated west of the Red River in what is known as the Red River Valley.

Fargo’s extremely low unemployment rate makes it an attractive place to consider for relocation. Moving to Fargo, North Dakota has other high spots as well. It’s an excellent place for young and old. Fargo offers plenty of happenings to make it a fun place for singles, yet it is also a stable and friendly environment to raise a family.

Schools in Fargo are considered to offer a good education, from preschool through high school. Find excellent higher education in the city as well. The largest state university is located in Fargo, at North Dakota State University.

Find a home that fits your individual or family’s needs, from urban loft or apartment living in downtown to lots of land on the outskirts of town. For urban housing, move into upscale dwellings in South 8th Street Historic District or Centennial which is near trails and parks.

Another benefit of the area is the food. Many people don’t realize that Fargo has a happening art scene and an array of delicious foods at various restaurants in the area.

Bundle up and plan to hire a moving company who knows how to handle winter weather moves, because Fargo gets quite cold in the winter. Summer months don’t bring extremely hot and humid temperatures either in this northern state, close to Canada.

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