Moving to Detroit, MI

Before moving to Detroit Michigan, it’s helpful to know as much as you can about the area. If you’re going to be a local of Detroit, you might want to learn about their baseball team, the Detroit Tigers, or other sport teams, such as the Detroit Red Wings. Being neighbors with Canada, the city also likes its hockey. Wherever you are moving, USAMovingCompanies will provide the most suitable moving company quotes to help you avoid the typical mishaps of a poorly executed relocation.

Michigan is situated in the Northern Midwestern United States within the Great Lakes Region. When you live there, you need reliable transportation to get around. Though, you can also board “The People Mover” or walk, depending on where you need to go. Part of the city’s history includes the birth of a freeway system in the 1950s.

It’s called “Motor City”, but if you’re a music fan, you may know it as “Motown”. And, it has also ironically been noted for its walkability within the downtown area.

For years, many residents found work at car plants in or around the city of Detroit at the Big Three automotive plants of Ford, GM and Chrysler. Detroit is still the largest city in the state of Michigan.

Metro Detroit includes six counties, with the Detroit-Windsor area crossing over the US border into Canada. Detroit is one of the only places in the United States where you do not have to drive north to enter Canada. Windsor is just to the east of the Detroit area.

Once considered to be part of the “Rust Belt”, Detroit has seen its share of booming as well as struggles when the auto industry took a dive. The city, however, continues to strive for sustainable growth.

Neighborhood in Detroit includes historic buildings and low-rise apartments in various parts of downtown. Southwardly sections of Detroit offer new housing.

The downtown area is a mix of skyscrapers and historic buildings. Choose to live in a refurbished loft or other downtown apartments or condos. Some have a view of the river. Many who move to Detroit choose the outer lying suburbs and a daily commute.

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