Moving to Charlotte, NC

When moving to Charlotte North Carolina, expect southern hospitality and charm with all the necessities and conveniences a big city has to offer. Locals are friendly and welcoming and speak with a mix of accents, with the southern drawl standing out in a crowd. You’ll learn how much your moving will cost after you visit: USAMovingCompanies where we’ve paired with only those companies that would for your particular move and budget.

The city of Charlotte is located in the south central region of the state of North Carolina, just above the state of South Carolina. Travel east, and you’re within driving distance to the Atlantic Ocean for a weekend getaway. Head west, and you’ll end up in the mountains.

Downtown Charlotte takes environmental concerns and green energy to heart. They have more than 100 businesses that operate on green energy. You will also find several charging stations in the city for energy efficient vehicles.

Charlotte is a college town, a business town, a banking center, and a fantastic place to raise a family. The very first American higher education institution south of Delaware was built in Charlotte. Today, The University of North Carolina, Central Piedmont Community College and many other colleges and universities are within the city’s border.

Several Fortune 500 companies are located downtown. Wells Fargo, Bank of America, Lowe’s, Goodrich Corporation, SPZ Corporation, Chiquita Brands International, and Family Dollar are among these. There are also other major headquarters located in Charlotte and the surrounding area.

Some locals refer to Charlotte as a “20-minute city” – everything you need is within a 20-minute car ride to obtain. Be prepared to kick back and take life at a slower pace than some other parts of the country.

The winters are mild in this modern southern city, though there is an occasional snowfall or icy conditions. The heat of the summer is a consideration on moving day, but most professional movers are prepared to handle high temperatures and humidity of the south.

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