Moving to Charleston, WV

West Virginia is known as the southernmost northern state and the northernmost southern state in America. Moving to Charleston West Virginia will take you to the capital of the state in a town of approximately 51,000 residents in the city, and a couple hundred thousand in the entire surrounding metropolitan district.

West Virginia enjoys a change of all four seasons each year. Regardless of the season, there is plenty of outside activity. Get fit with hiking or skiing in the mountains. The state offers beautiful lush green countryside with mountains which make it easy to find something to do outdoors. Start today by allowing USAMovingCompanies to gather quotes from several moving companies.

The city of Charleston sits on the Elk and the Kanawha Rivers in between mountain regions of West Virginia. Along the rivers are several refinery companies. These factories are probably what contributed to the city’s nickname of Chemicalville.

You’ll be moving your belongings through steep hillsides and mountainous regions to get to Charleston. Hire a professional mover, or friends, who know how to maneuver mountain roads, hills, bridges and tree-lined landscapes.

Charleston provides lovely scenery carpeted in green trees and mountains. Upscale homes dot the hillsides surrounding downtown Charleston, with a few nice older homes in the actual city. Traffic in and around the city is generally not too bad.

If you’re moving to Charleston from another part of the country, you will find that your paycheck will probably stretch a little bit farther. The area has an overall lower cost of living than the rest of the nation.

The state has a relatively low crime rate and friendly residents. Contrary to stereotypes of hillbillies from the hills, the school system in Charlotte is considered to be good. The public schools in West Virginia, and in Charleston, have a teacher to student ratio of approximately 14 students per teacher.

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