5 Pros And Cons Of Moving In The Month Of February

Here are 5 pros and cons of moving in the month of February:


  1. Less competition for moving services: February is typically a slower month for moving compared to the peak moving season in the summer, which means you may have an easier time booking moving services and finding available rental properties.
  2. Potentially lower prices: Due to the lower demand for moving services in February, you may be able to negotiate lower prices or find better deals on moving trucks and supplies.
  3. Better school options: If you have children, moving during the school year can provide an opportunity to research and choose the best school options before the start of the next academic year.
  4. Flexibility in scheduling: February is often a slow time for many industries, providing more flexible schedules for those who are moving for work or job opportunities.
  5. Tax benefits: Moving for work may qualify you for tax benefits, including deductions for moving expenses on your federal tax return.


  1. Inclement weather: Moving in February can mean dealing with cold and potentially dangerous weather conditions, such as snow and ice, which can make the moving process more challenging and potentially dangerous.
  2. Higher expenses: Winter moving can result in higher costs for heating, temporary housing, and snow and ice removal.
  3. Limited storage options: Some storage facilities may be full or temporarily closed during the winter months, making it more difficult to store your belongings if needed.
  4. Possible school disruptions: Moving during the school year can disrupt the education of children, requiring transfers and adjustments to a new school system.
  5. Stressful and demanding: Moving is always a stressful and demanding process, and moving in the winter months can add to the challenges with inclement weather and limited storage options.

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