Moving in Extremely Cold Weather Conditions

Though there are benefits, such as finding lower online moving quote because it’s an off-season, given a choice; most people do not move in the middle of winter. However, sometimes it cannot be avoided. Moving in extremely cold weather conditions requires some things to consider.

First of all, wear clothing that will keep you warm. It’s best to dress in layers because moving around and lifting will warm you up, so you’ll want to have the option of taking off a layer while staying warm enough with another layer of clothing intact. Be sure to wear a hat since a large amount of the body’s heat escapes through the head. It’s tough to pick up boxes with thick, bulky gloves. Wear work gloves or insulated gloves that protect your hands but still allow you to move your fingers well.

Water is the best thing to drink when exerting such physical activity, but hot beverages are nice to also have on hand to warm up in a hurry. Coffee, hot cocoa, hot tea, or hot apple cider are nice touches for cold workers to take a break and warm up with.

Above all stay safe, and keep anyone helping with the move safe as well. Shovel walkways and driveway, if there is snow. Lay down salt or de-icing chemicals to tackle icy spots that could take you off guard and make you lose your footing. Also, keep exhaust pipes free of snow and never leave a child or pet in a vehicle that has been turned on for warmth. It’s best to warm up inside the house.

Keep in mind that the moving truck is not heated, so don’t pack things that could freeze during transport. Wrap other items that may be sensitive to cold temperatures, in blankets.

Whether you’re driving a rental moving truck or following professional movers in your car, use extra caution when driving on winter roads. Driving a weighted down large moving truck is quite different than driving a front-wheel drive car, especially if there are mountains, hills, or heavy traffic areas you’ll be driving through. Stay warm, and arrive safely at your new home.

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