Moving During the Holidays

Even though they are a time for celebration, holidays can be stressful. Add to the feasts and festivities a job relocation that schedules you to move in the middle of the holiday season and you will find these tips helpful in relieving stress and making your holidays stay jolly.

Keep Traditions For Children On a Smaller Scale

Be sure to try to stick to your family traditions the best you can, especially if young children are involved, but don’t knock yourself out trying to get the most presents stuffed into your new home or temporary living space with all the ornamentation. Keep it simple with a small artificial Christmas tree by the fireplace or a simple Hanukkah Menorah displayed in the window. Talk with older children to ask what makes the holidays special. Their answers may surprise you and alleviate stress as it is often the very small, easy-to-do things that mean the most to them.

Change of Location, But No Less Of a Feast

Plan a family holiday dinner at a restaurant instead of hosting it in the midst of unpacking. Even if you are moving with top moving companies, it may take some time to get things settled.

Keep It Simple

Stop by a local convenience, discount or drug store that sells gift cards to a variety of restaurants, local or online stores and pick up everyone’s gift in one spot. Do this so you can still give gifts to friends and family members and make the best use of your time. Don’t worry. Just because they are quick and easy won’t take away from the thought of the meaning behind the gift. Personalize with a handwritten note or wrapping it creatively. So don`t forget to include them into your moving checklist.

Some Things Can Wait

Wait on sending out the holiday cards until after you are settled in your new house and have a new address to share. A post-holiday greeting or email announcement of your move will be a welcome surprise days following the holidays to lift your friends and family’s otherwise post-holiday let-down feeling.

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