Understanding a Moving Company’s Bill of Lading

A Bill of Lading is a contract between you and the movers you hire. Every time you are getting moving quotes professional moving companies are required by law to provide customers with a Bill of Lading. This is an official document used to record all of the details of your move as it relates to transported items. The Bill of Lading serves the very important service of ensuring that your items are legally transported according to a binding contract. Keep the Bill of Lading with you in a safe place throughout the entire move as it also serves as our receipt and proof of agreement should something go wrong. Read it carefully before signing and ask questions or request any necessary changes before you sign.

The term, “lading” may be an unfamiliar word. It is derived from the phrase “to lade” which means to load cargo for transportation. The Bill of Lading will provide all of the information about the terms and conditions of your move. This important document is evidence of the following:

    1. Acknowledges receipt of goods – Indicates that specific goods have been received as cargo with the intention of being transported to a specified location.
    2. States how goods will be shipped – The Bill of Lading will indicate every vessel intended to be used to transport your household items. This could include truck, by rail, by air or, in the case of an international move, by ship.
    3. Provides a description of all of the contents being moved – This description will indicate the weight and a listing of transported items.

      The information recorded and provided on the Bill of Lading is required by law to be identical to the Order of Service, which is another required document. The driver of the moving truck must provide the customer with a copy of the Bill of Lading before any boxes, furniture or even moving supplies are loaded onto the truck.

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