Items Not to Pack When Moving

In the middle of your packing frenzy, keep in mind that there are some household items that movers will not, or suggest you don’t, pack to load into the moving van. Following are items not to pack when moving:

Aerosol Cans or Fire Extinguishers

Cans that are pressurized and fire extinguishers can explode during transit and leak contents everywhere. Household fire extinguishers lose their potency over time anyway, and moving is a perfect time to replace them after arriving at your new home.

Hazardous Chemicals

Even items you may use every day without giving it a thought may be considered hazardous when you pack them onto a moving truck alongside other articles stuffed into boxes and stored in varying weather conditions. Chemicals such as ammonia, the acid inside car and household batteries, charcoal/light fluid, chemistry sets, cleaning solvents, darkroom chemicals, fuels and oils, kerosene, Sterno fuel, liquid bleach, pesticides, pool chemicals, lawn chemicals like weed killers, paint thinners and varnishes and even nail polish contain chemicals that are potentially dangerous if spilled or kept inside a hot moving van.

Ammunition, Loaded Guns, Fireworks or Matches

Bullets and other ammunition has the potential of becoming activated or exploding during transit. Fireworks can become detonated with a spark, and if there are matches nearby this could happen quickly.


Fertilizer is an ingredient used in making explosives and is considered dangerous or threatening in nature due to previous deadly attacks on large buildings.


Frozen or refrigerated foods, open or partially used food items, produce or foods without an expiration date are best thrown out, donated to a food pantry or shared with friends and family members prior to your move.

Propane Tanks or Scuba Tanks

These items should not be packed onto a moving van. They both contain a gas that could be dangerous during a move.

Keep in mind, whether you are relocating with professional mover or doing a self service move, you should be avoiding to pack items from this list to a moving van.

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