How to Pack Glass, China, Crystal and Other Breakables

The sound of clanging or shattered glass is alarming especially when it comes from within a box of your personal items. Moving fragile items such as fine china, glass, crystal or other breakables is a delicate matter. There are two ways to move them properly: Carefully pack them yourself or choose extra services for packing fragile items to be done by your professional moving company. Of course, you can always compromise by buying professional grade packing materials from your movers and pack it yourself.

Do it Yourself

Pack fragile items with extreme care if you decide to go it alone to save money. Use plenty of cushioning packing materials and be sure to pack items securely so they do not shift during transit. Do not rely on the box alone to protect your fragile items. Surround each item in flexible corrugated cardboard or bubble wrap.

After each item is carefully and securely wrapped, place them one by one into a sturdy box or solid and sturdy container with a firm lid. Leave two to three inches of bubble wrap or crumpled up newspapers on the bottom of the container before placing the breakables inside. Put the heaviest items into the box first. Glasswear transports best when packed on their edges and plates packed on their side. Fill in any gaps with crumpled paper as you pack. List the contents of the box so it is easy to read on the outside. Label each container with large letters that read, “FRAGILE”. Secure the box with strong packing tape.

Hire a Professional

Be extra safe and know that your items will be packed to arrive safe and sound by paying extra for your moving company to pack your fragile items. Let the professionals take care of it all from start to finish so you can put your thoughts toward other aspects of moving day.

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