How Long Does it Take to Move

Sometimes, you have plenty of time to plan your move properly. Other times, a relocation may be sprung upon you with very little time to think. Know how long it typically takes to move.

Actual moving day is just part of the equation. Ideally, having at least a month to plan works well as it takes time to prepare other aspects of relocating such as arranging to have utilities shut off and turned on, transferring medical records or bank accounts and getting used to the new neighborhood with preparing children to start a new school or getting used to your new job.

When It Comes to the Actual Moving Day, Some Things to Consider are:

  1. How many boxes are there?
  2. How much furniture is there?
  3. How many items that are unpacked and do not easily fit inside a moving box are there?
  4. How many items need to be disassembled and reassembled both when packing and unpacking?
  5. Are there stairs or elevators? If so, how wide is the stairwell or how large is the elevator?
  6. Are there long hallways or a distance between the boxes and the moving van?

How Large Your Current House is?

Small apartments are going to take a lot less time to pack up than a large two-story house:

  1. A typical one-bedroom studio apartment up to 600 square feet is estimated to take between two to three hours to pack up.
  2. A typical two-bedroom house up to 800 square feet is estimated to take between three to five hours to pack up.
  3. A typical three-bedroom up to 1,300 square feet is estimated to take between four to six hours with two to three movers needed.
  4. A typical four-bedroom up to 1,800 square feet house is estimated to take between six to seven hours with three to four movers needed.
  5. A typical five-bedroom up to 2,000 square feet house is estimated to take between seven to nine hours with the need of four to five movers to help.

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