Get The Best Household Shipping Rates Through Moving Quotes To Save Up to 35%

Do you wish to move your home? Well, the household shipping rates to pack your home will depend on the type and number of items you want to move. Apart from that, additional services will also come in places such as packing, unpacking, loading, and unloading.

It is essential to know what you will precisely move to your new home to determine the correct household shipping rates that would apply to your move.

household shipping rates

Household Shipping Rates Are Based On A Few Factors

At this point, with good knowledge of the household items to be packed, you can estimate the amount of money you will pay for transportation and other additional services. Apart from that, get an exclusive list of all the companies that can offer you moving services. Analyze their performance and eventually ask for their prices.

The Cost of Packing
To pack your household items, you will require moving container (plastic containers, card boxes, etc.), wrapping materials (wrapping paper) and securing materials like packing tapes and ropes.

On that note, expect to pay 100-$150 for packing materials for a one bedroom –house. A two bedroom house will cost you $100-$150. Other companies offer free packing materials when you prefer to pack the goods on your own.

However, you should keep in mind that packing cost can also be charged per hour. For instance, you can be charged $35 per hour for every man hour. On that note, it is essential to choose the best rates depending on the number and weight of the items you have. The costs can also vary from one company to the other.

Shipping Costs
Every moving company has varied household shipping rates. Check the values offered by each company and choose the best. Insist on binding estimates before signing any contract with the moving company. The average household moving rates are $12,230 though it may vary with the company and the weight in transit.

The good news is that we at offer a service of multiple quotes from a selected few companies that are deemed to be customer focused, reliable, and have years of service in the industry.

Requesting these quotes carries no-obligation and are absolutely free. With the possibility of saving up to 35% and hiring the right mover are two advantages that you should not skip.

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