Green Van Lines

The family-owned business of Green Van Lines realized years ago that the moving and trucking industry was responsible for leaving a huge carbon footprint on the environment. They came up with a way to serve their customers with their relocation needs while preserving the environment.

This professional moving company is headquartered in Texas, and serves customers nationwide. Green Van Lines assigns each customer to a personal relocation consultant to be their guide and point of contact for the entire move.

The professionals at Green Van Lines take care to protect your floors while moving items in and out and provide you with a professional foreman to communicate directly with you and to supervise the crew. Included in the moving costs are blankets, pads, shrink wrap and tape to protect fragile, furniture, dis-assembly and reassembly of furniture and up to 30 days storage.

Green Van Lines touts its eco-friendly practices while also remaining competitive in their pricing. It all started with a desire to maintain green living followed by taking action in the following eco-friendly ways of conducting business:

    1. Their professional moving team will show up wearing organic cotton t-shirts.
    2. The company also provides boxes and packing supplies that are made using 100% recycled materials, including bubble wrap made from biodegradable materials.
    3. They also eliminate the paperwork by saving trees through the use of electronic correspondence and documents and even plant trees through Trees for the Future to renew the environment.
    4. Their moving trucks run on special bio-diesel certified engines to burn cleaner fuel.
    5. Green Van Lines is a member of the Green Movers USA.

Green Van Lines not only wants to save the green in the environment, but they want to save you some green too in the form of money spent for your relocation needs. The company has priced themselves to be competitive and is fully licensed and insured.

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